Why You Should Come and Stay With Us

If you are looking for a quite and relaxing place to stay with good view and facilities while being too expensive, then Piper’s Cove Resort is the best for you. There is nothing more important to us than our visitors feeling happy and comfortable during their stay in our resort. We make sure to offer you only the best service that we could because we wanted you to get the best that there is in the island. We like nothing more than to treat you to true island hospitality.

Piper’s Cove is a small clean and friendly resort with a beautiful garden to walk in and admire the plants and the birds. Ir has a personal touch and a well-thought out small beach. The rocks that are placed protect the beach as well as contributes to the exterior of the private beach area as well as it shelters the young fishes from the rougher waves and bigger fishes on the other side of the breakwater. The sea that the beach belongs has a wonderful biodiversity making it a good site to do snorkeling. The resort is hidden off the main road making it a hidden oasis away from all the hustle and bustle of the center of the island. If getting away from the madding crowd is part is part of your holiday preference, this may be a spot that you should consider. In here, it is casual, refined, unpretentious and charming in a way that is only possible in Jamaica at this small resort. Bring good books to read and your laid-back attitude and enjoy a serene experience of pure relaxation in this place.

Fortunately with the efforts of our staffs, our clients have left us wonderful reviews on their stay at Piper’s Cove Resort. We have been complimented from the ambiance, the beach, facilities as well as the food and of course the kind of accommodation are staff gave them. Thankfully many of them are wanting to come back to the resort to experience again a one of a kind relaxing getaway that the resort can give. The meals that we provide are wonderful and if you want to have breakfast and dinner in American style, they have it there- all prepared by the kindhearted and talented staff. Probably one of the best things that you will experience when you come here aside from the properties of the resort is the hospitality of the in-site owner and the friendly staff of the resort as they go beyond the feels of home. Come visit us and spend a wonderful time of your vacation at Piper’s Cove Resort.

What really makes Jamaica a magnificent paradise is not only the wonderful bodies of waters and the islands surrounding it but also the gorgeous and rich culture of the people who live there. The tradition of Jamaica is as colorful as the color of the whole island itself, the art, language and music are mesmerizing and the food are absolutely to die for. With the wonderful things that you can experience here, you may find yourself falling in love with the island and will make you want to live here for as long as you want.

Wouldn’t it be nice to sprinkle your island vacation with a dash of adventure under the warm Jamaican sun? Fondly known as “The Land of Wood and Water”, Jamaica is known for its forests features that is perfect for prime hiking and bird watching. The bodies of water of Jamaica and extremely wonderful and breath-taking- absolutely worth the dive underwater. A lot of heritage sites can also be visited for those history buffs wanting to take a glimpse of the wonderful history of Jamaica. The Jamaican people are very much accommodating and if you love music, enjoy listening to real real reggae by the locals.